Men's Suit fashion illustration

Men’s Suit fashion illustration


Now I’m adding new fashion illustration, “Men’s Suit”. Sometime, I can meet the man wearing suit with beautiful line!
Of course textile and sawing are perfect, too. But unfortunately, body of Japanese man is not so suit for jacket and pants..
they don’t have enough size( especially, chest!!) for Italian suit, except for the one go to training gym several times a week.

I think Men’s Suit has a story.I can feel some story when I see the man with fabulous suit is waiting someone at the corner…or he has a coffee time without any magazine…
or he’s checking the window of accessory shop.No,, it’s not true.. but my “hope”.

I respect the high quality of  tailor technique, and designer.
And  thinking about the combination of necktie and PARADISE time for me!