Pray for Japan - biggest earthquake -

Pray for Japan – biggest earthquake –

When I re-built this fashion illustration site, I decided to upload only stylish fashion illustration.
But we faced terrible disaster 2 days ago, especially worst damage is in North Area in Japan.
I could not keep standing on the road by BIG shock in spite of  living in Tokyo!!

We’re trying to do our best to overcome this crisis as Japanese now.
We can get big support from all over the world, and we can not find any word to express our appreciation and I struggled to hold back my tears every time we get big help from another countries. I’ve thought what I can do for sufferers in North Area in Japan since we were hit by biggest earthquake.

It’s is not big one what I can do, but we(Japanese) know  the each one’s effort will become big power before long.
Now I’m adding this illustration, priest is praying for Japan.
It’s not fashion’s one, but I cannot be without doing something.

I trust we will be fine by our power with helps from world!

Kazue Shima