Scarf Dress fashion illustration


Today’s work is “scarf tops”! Scarves have now become extremely popular fashion accessories for us.
I saw the tops style, formed by beautiful scarf in 2011 collection .

It was so colorful and stylish, looked very useful for woman has many scarf in their closet.
We can see many introduction how to tie scarf, rolling on the neck, hanging on shoulder…etc. So this styling was so sensational for me to use scarf.
There’re many colors in scarf, so we can wear simple bottom, accessary and hat with this.

Anyway, let’s check our your closet, and if you find the scarf that you’d bought 10 years ago, try to get as unique tops this year!! you look 100% “fashion”!!
I hope this illustration will help you on how to tie scarves, head scarves and shawls.