I refreshed my illustration site!

I refreshed my illustration site!




I rebuilt my fashion illustration web site.
Because I felt I need to mention my thought and word I imaged for each works.
But my proficiency of English is poor…I’m afraid whether I can express what I want to say you, or not…acturally..
I trust my passion can be passed to you!

This image – fashion Summer Dress- is the first one of my style.
I’ve searched my drawing style for several years, but it was so hard for me to express my image as illustration.
Actually, I draw by pencil, pen, digital, ink…etc.. but I was not satisfied with any style.

And now, I reached to style that I draw the LINE and SHAPE clearly. Because I’ve thought the shape and balance is most important for fashion via catwalking model period.

I’ll update my works one by one. I hope you can enjoy my works here and please look forward my new planning.

From Kazue Shima